• DELIVERY: To address or addresses specified by the lessee (customer), lessee grants right to enter said property for the delivery and pickup of equipment at approximately specified times.
  • Read and sign Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Waiver provided herewith.
  • Follow and enforce any and all rules supplied by Party Professionals.
  • Provide adult supervision at ALL times.
  • Only allow Party Professionals employees to setup and take down Inflatable’s and Slides.
  • Return the units and all of its accessories undamaged and in the same condition they were received.
  • Pay for the cost of any damages, whatsoever, caused to the unit and its accessories, whether as direct or indirect result of using the unit or any other item covered by this contract.
  • A $35 fee will be charged for each returned check.
  • Once inflatable is set up there is NO REFUND…

I agree to accept the unit(s) listed on this form for use, as is, and to accept full responsibility for the care of all equipment while it is in my possession. I agree to pay full retail value of any equipment rented under this agreement that I do not return. I agree to return all rental equipment by the date and time agreed upon in a clean condition in order to avoid additional charges. I agree to follow all rules stated on this agreement. Party Professionals reserves the right to refuse rental service if the location, area or even, the lessee, is deemed questionable and unsafe.

Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk


I understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged in through my rental of an inflatable, interactive amusement device brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to guests, my invitees, and me. These risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, and colliding and could result in injury, illness, disease, emotional, distress, death and/or property damage to me or my guests and invitees. All participants, i.e. “riders” will use the inflatable device at his/her own risk.


I voluntarily release, indemnify, hold harmless, and discharge Party Professionals from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of actions, whether personal to me or to a third party which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my rental of the interactive inflatable unit, including those allegedly attributable to negligent acts or omissions. I agree to reimburse any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs which may be incurred by Party Professionals in the defense of any such liability claim, demand, action or right of action.

In the event that I file a cause of action against Party Professionals, I agree to do so solely in the State of New Mexico, and I further agree that the substantive law of that state shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law rules of that state. I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.


Lessee agrees to supervise both the equipment and its use at all times said equipment is in the possession of the lessee. Accompanying this contract is a set of directions for use and safety rules that I agree to follow and utilize at all times during the operation of the interactive inflatable unit.

I acknowledge and certify that I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document; that I understand its content and that I execute it freely, intelligently, and without duress of any kind and agree to be bound by its terms.


  1. Children must be supervised at all times! DO NOT leave children unattended.
  2. Ensure that all children using the bounce house understand and follow these rules.
  3. Compatible age groups must play on the unit at the same time. Age groups must NOT be mixed.
  4. Compatible sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time. Different sized children must not be mixed.
  5. The recommended number of children allowed in the standard 13 X 13 bounce house is:
    • Ages 2 to 8 (8-10 children)
    • Ages 9 to 12 (6 children)
    • Ages 13 to 16 (4 to 5 children)
  6. Bounce houses are designed for children, not adults. No adults “playing” in the bounce please!
  7. The following items are not allowed in the bounce house, and must be removed:
    • Shoes or footwear
    • Sharp objects
    • Glasses
    • Jewelry and watches
    • Hats
    • Chewing gum
    • Food and drink
    • Party favors
  8. NO SILLY STRING is permitted to come in contact with the INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the inflatable, this causes IRREPARABLE damage to the inflatable, the customer acknowledges that if the inflatable is damaged by SILLY STRING then a $1000.00 fee will automatically be imposed and is due payment by customer.
  9. No flips or somersaults.
  10. Do not bounce or play near the opening of the bounce house.
  11. No food or drink is permitted inside or near the bounce house.
  12. No running within 10 feet of the bounce house.
  13. Keep all pets away from the bounce house.
  14. Keep all children away from the blower and power cords.
  15. Do not unplug the bounce house while occupants/riders are inside.
  16. Do not attempt to move or un-stake the bounce house.
  17. Do not used the bounce house under the following conditions, or if they develop:
    • High winds (exceeding 20MPH) rain or thunder storms
    • Power outage
    • If bounce house becomes wet for whatever reason (wipe dry with towel)
    • Bounce house is punctured
  19. In the event of foul weather, make sure all children exit the bounce house safely, and then deflate the bounce house by unplugging. Cover the blower to protect it from rain. Turn off all sprinklers!
  20. If the bounce house starts to deflate:
    • Make sure all children exit the bounce house quickly and safely
    • Check all power connections to make sure nothing has unplugged
    • Check circuit breakers and fuses in house.
    • Check blower to make sure it’s not wet.
    • Make sure the air tube on the balloon is tied securely to the blower.


Party Professionals reserves the right to refuse to complete any event that has the potential to cause damage to its equipment, or causes issues of safety.

Safety is our primary concern. With that in mind, PARTY PROFESSIONALS reserves the right to cancel any reservation that, in the opinion of PARTY PROFESSIONALS, it deems a danger or jeopardizes safety in any way. Upon delivery, we will walk you through safety rules prior to and after set up of the Inflatable (s). The event location must be flat and free of rocks, twigs, sprinkler heads, animal droppings and debris to ensure safety of the jumper and its riders. A 20-foot overhead clearance is needed and a 3-5 foot perimeter around the jumper is also needed. Driveways (or streets for block parties) are fine, just be sure to let us know ahead of time so we bring sand bags instead of stakes to secure the inflatable. If the weather is bad and you still choose to want the inflatable, there will be NO REFUND or DISCOUNT!!


  1. Fully inflate the unit prior to use. Do not use the unit partially inflated.
  2. Do not use the unit in rainy conditions or if the wind speed exceeds 20 mph.
  3. Do not use the unit when it is wet.
  4. Before entering the unit, all riders should be told that flips, rough housing and climbing the net walls are not permitted, no climbing up slides and sliders must be sitting in a forward facing position, the adult supervisor must strictly enforce these rules.
  5. If the unit loses power during operation or if there is any other reason to stop the use, the adult supervisor should hold the door open and ask the riders to calmly exit.
  6. Shoes, jewelry, watches, all pocket contents, glasses, and any other hard or sharp objects should be removed before entering the unit
  7. No pets are allowed in or on the units.
  8. Do not permit food, gum, drinks or other such substances in or around the unit. A $40.00 cleaning fee will be charged on all units found with food, gum, drinks or other such substances found on them.
  9. All riders should be in the same group (i.e.: the same related size).
  10. Use common sense in supervising use of the unit. If something does not look right you should stop immediately.


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